Friday, March 28, 2008

Hand Wash Hang Dry

I just moved to Asheville NC, so I haven't quite got my whole clothes line routine going yet (hence the crooked swooping hemp rope slanting off the deck). But for the last 5 years I have been hand washen' and hang dryen' my clothes. Even when a washer & dryer are sitting right there in my rented space. Spring is my favorite time of year for hang drying clothes- they smell so yummy and fresh after. The electricity in dryers is what causes all that static and started the whole dryer sheet stench addiction. If you stop using dryer sheets for a while and let the cells in your nose regenerate from the past onslaught of deadening carcinogens, the smell of those static sheets will suddenly become much more offensive. (This actually goes for toxic detergents too.) Not to mention hang drying clothes saves tons of energy, lowers your impact, and is a peaceful soothing way to take care of your clothes.
If you don't have a yard you can still hang dry clothes in a open window, sunny window, on a balcony, roof, or near a vent where you have air or heat blowing already. :)

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