Friday, March 28, 2008

Calculate Your Environmental Impact

Thanks to Siel from Green LA Girl for finding this cool carbon footprint, water usage, all around environmental impact calculator! The eco bone I have to pick with the Low Impact Living survey is IF you don't own your own home, you can not really do 80%-90% of their suggestions to lower your impact. I found this pretty frustrating, also with the fact that they ask you if you have a lawn but don't ask what you mow it with. There are more then traditional mowers these days, there are also low impact solar mowers, the good ole' push mower, and the ancient tool that I use a SCYTHE. My Scythe is a modern update though that has jagged blades on both sides. I find this tool really useful when say, uh, I need to practice anger management (or you could call it mindful thinking).
I am proud to say my LIL score was "You're pretty low impact - nice work!"
Try it out, it's fun, weird, and important to see how much "runoff" you

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