Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Katharine Hamnett's Political T's

These pocket tunic tanks by the famous political designer Katharine E. Hamnett are totally cute. The Choose Life Shirt is being revived from her 1980's T worn by WHAM in the "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go" Video. Now I thought it meant "choose life" as in support of AIDS research, in support of the earth, in support of choosing to live a positive life- and not in support of the anti-abortion movement...?!?! But What would you think this meant if you saw it on the street?
"The "CHOOSE LIFE" slogan, which in the context of the day was directed at drug abuse and suicide, has since been adopted by the pro-life movement, even appearing on license plates in Florida. However, Hamnett herself has stated that the slogan was never intended to be an anti-abortion message and that she believes in women having a choice."
At least with the "CLEAN UP OR DIE" Tank there is no question about it ;) ... it's all about choosing life too.
Availability of these are very limited, look for them later in the season @ The Oko Box!

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