Sunday, August 16, 2009

Update: Baby Birds!

Ha ha! Now that is a face! Remember the baby bird nest with eggs, and then little featherless fuzzy babies... NOW they have feathers. I only saw 3 birds in the nest this time, and there used to be four?Maybe one was stuck underneath the others, cause that nest is getting little tight for these guys! In fact the one squeezed in the middle looks like he's about to complain about the accommodations, that and maybe the fact that it's frustrating to not be able to fly yet!
It's pretty cool how fast birds grow, how magically our bodies know how to grow into specific things like bone and feathers, eyes and a beak. The mysteriousness always sucks me in like a hoover vacuum! The last picture below is the design of the nest, which was built against the wall of a tent covered bamboo hut. The bird started from the bottom up actually making a foundation for the nest first- all the way up to the typical nesting shape at the top. Pretty cool how it was improvised to fit the environment she chose!

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Mary said...

I have a whole collection of bird's nests that i use with my science classes. They are fascinating and beautiful!