Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut (Tree) Part 2

Remember last month when I was planting pine nuts in their shells to try and grow a nut tree?!? The fruits of my labor (or nuts of my labor) have arrived. Baby pine trees are shooting up all ova' in the pot - so many I don't even know what I am going to do! Possibly go on a tree planting binge in Big Sandy Mush and put a few in separate pots to examine how they grow (that is for my inner scientist)! :) It's a really neat looking seedling, with all those tentacles swirling out from the center pine goodness! What is totally amazing is I have had those pine nuts for about 3 years, in the fridge and many look to still be vital. Never underestimate the power of life.


mara said...

Well I love this tiny cute tree. But I don't ever not feel like a nut. I guess what I'm saying is that old saying is B.S. because I ALWAYS feel like a nut. I think I blame NOCCA for that, even though I'm pretty sure I was born that way:)

Leslie @ the oko box said...

! lol !
Mara! I luvs you, you are a nut. I don't blame NOCCA for making me a nut though, I think it's where the nuts gathered. They could have renamed it the New Orleans Center For Creative Nuts ... and we woulda pronounced the abbreviation NOCCN "knockin'"