Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Walk In The Woods: Obscure Beauty

I hadn't been for my usual walk in the woods lately, maybe it had even been a whole entire 2 weeks! The things that nature does while you are sleeping are unreal - in that small amount of time the flora finally grew so tall in many spots it was well above my head, some areas had gotten so thick that the beaten path was completely obscured in confusion. Tall wild flowers fell in ways in didn't recognize because there have been bunches of deer pushing through and re-routing our forest 'highway' - so many deer that the once smooth ground was chunky with tracks. Many of which were fresh and one step ahead of me the entire time (possibly because my hot pink outfit was a warning sign!). :)
It's the little things that count for me. Like a hickory leaf eaten' down into this lacy pattern...
and the crazy shapes a fungus can take, this one below is kinda growing inside out - looking like a cup!
It's spiky spider season here now too- tons of these making almost invisible webs all along the path - I ducked under a few, and went face first into much more. I accidentally brushed my hand against that pointy lump of a body and it hurt - those spikes are not just for show.
Forest Food! This is one honker of an acorn - I had to carry it all the way back home with me, I couldn't put it down cause it was too mesmerizing.
I don't know if I am ready for this one, although on fire with color and mystery that leaf is a sign of fall coming, and fall means it's gonna get very very freaking cold very soon... (it may take a lifetime for a girl from New Orleans to get used to the seasons.)
At the end of my walk is always this spectacular view of wildflowers, trees and mountains. Pretty neato! Nature never stops rockin', it has consumed my every move like a really good song.

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