Thursday, August 6, 2009

10 Foot High Organic Sunflower!

Now that is freakin' tall. It's the leaning tower of sunflower!
I grew all my sunflowers from organic seeds, I just hope the birds don't get all the yummy sunflower seeds before I do - cause mmmmm, I want to grind them up into sunflower butter!!! yum.


Lou Cheese said...

Those are some impressive sunflowers.

I know a guy who farms them for his own personal snack supply in Kansas. He said you want to rotate the crops every year because they leech a lot of nutrients from the soil.

He's a professional farmer and I've never seen any of his that tall. That or you're getting shorter ;)

Leslie @ the oko box said...

HA! I am totally not getting shorter, even though I am getting older. Hopefully I will have a little snack supply myself!
I will have to keep in mind the rotation for next year, cause if they suck alot of nutrients out, this baby sucked it dry. Maybe put a little dried up cow poop in that spot too.

Leslie @ the oko box said...

Time to get out the tape measure!!!
I am being told this sunflower is more like 11 or 12 feet high! YAY