Sunday, August 9, 2009

Scooter Ride: Donkey, Turtle, Goats & Co.

Ya wanna know why I love going on scooter rides, because I always manage to find myself a donkey friend! Because of my seizures I don't get off the property I live on too much, so when I am feeling especially adventurous I like to be taken for a short ride around Big Sandy Mush. Bort drove me on his eco savvy scooter about 3 miles down the road to the organic farm I used to live at (back when I got the idea to start The Oko Box)! It's a magical magical in fact that a DONKEY was waiting to greet me right at the entrance gate! :)
(Check out the ears on that guy! Yeah baby! I am so giddy it's dorky.)
I loved on the donkey, pet him, fed him a pear, made BFF's for all eternity - and then moved on to go on a little hike deep in the woods. There are so many acres, that are so pure and wild that many neato plants and fungus are growing everywhere! Check out this fungus below, that totally looks like a piece of coral reef.
And this vibrant periwinkle turquoise blue colored fungus growing on a wet dead tree limb...
Wild bee balm was growing in this reddish magenta color! We walked up a steep hill to an old pond I used to go to relax and collect apples by. Looking down from the rock I could see water skimmer bugs, bubbles from giant (snapping) turtles deep in the mud, and Bort cleaning off an Eastern Box Turtle he found on the ground. Cleaning off a turtle is kinda endearing.
That turtle is little and scared. :)
We then found the resident goats! YAY! This brown and white bossy goat was living there when I used to!!! We are buddies still.
This little black goat is a supa' star in the making... I simply asked it "can ya hold on a sec and let me take a picture of you?!" and it stopped eating, jumped on top a rock, looked at the camera, and *CLICK* when the pic was taken it got off the rock and went back to eating. Ha! Sweet Sassy Molassy!
Party's ova' ! Time to go back home and dream of having my own donkey someday soon.


Mokihana and Pete said...

This is what I'm talkin' about. You have fun with your EVERyday and the friends keep showing up for you. The DONKEY!! and the Turtle oh my. They are naturals. Hope your treasure box of "For JuJuBean" fills nicely;))

This place is such a beautiful spot. Got a place for two old folks with a wheelie wagon?

I love that turtle picture. Love it love it love it.

Leslie @ the oko box said...

There may be a place around here for a wheelie wagon!!! How do you do in humid climates - it's not tropical here, but the summer does get pretty wet and hot.
and THANK YOU for sending you donation for my donkey JuJuBean in the mail!!! YAY!