Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The (Organic) Jeans That Never Die!

These are my Loomstate Organic Ethos Jeans that I bought about 3 years ago, they are my most favorite organic denim eva' in the whole world and they keep falling apart on me!!! Literally, I will go out wearing them and some spot (usually the knee or ass) will suddenly rip on them - like while showing girls at a party how to do the New Orleans Pop (upside down)... or the time I dismounted someone's scooter and heard a rip... or when a giant hole appears after I take them off at the end of the day and wonder how long I walked around like that. I can't stop patching them back together! And you know what, I think that this look is in style now - check out this video, when they get to dancing in the desert sand ( at 1:15)...Mmmhmmm. Looks like my adorable mess of jeans. :)


Bort said...

just re-name this post 'The ass that never quits'

Leslie @ the oko box said...

or maybe rename it "WAPOODA, the hard worker"
or maybe "not a quitter"
BOrt, did you click on the Ciara video link...she should rename her song, to the exact title you suggested! Blue latex Dress- yowsers!

Mokihana and Pete said...

ah, would this be another name for 'up-cycle'? although i like the Bort idea, too:-0


applebottoms said...

Hey! what a cool style of jeans. i never seen that and i never experience to wear that organic jeans before. but it seems really comfortable. i love that. keep it up!


Leslie @ the oko box said...

Mokihana - I think the jeans are so bad off, it is like i am upcycling them back into another pair of jeans, one patch at a time. BTW- all the patches are done in organic cotton too!

Applebottoms- Organic jeans are way healthier for our skin - and they usually dont fall apart like these- these were already kinda "distressed" as a style and were some kind of light wash color, which i think weakens the fabric.