Sunday, August 16, 2009

Seed Saving: Organic Soy Beans

This is about more then just seed saving, because when you cook dried beans what you are actually cookin' up is the seeds of the bean plant! Beans and their seeds are one in the same. Today I cut down my soy bean plants to hang for drying - since I am saving these bean seeds for eating I didn't want to risk the chance of any mildew problems getting into the pods.
Once they are finished drying out, I will shuck them from the shells, and put them in a jar for storage. What I am hoping to do with most of these soy beans is make my very own tofu and soy milk from scratch! MmmMmm, anyone who has had fresh tofu knows what I am talking about- it's so good you could eat it straight up and plain!
Check out the beans in waiting...

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