Monday, August 24, 2009

Green Cicada

I found this cicada spinning on it's head, buzzing frantically in terror of something I just didn't understand. I picked it up and we became (almost) instant buddies! That is at least for 2 hours or so while we watched the clouds in the sky and enjoyed that first cool breeze that precedes fall.
When I examined the cicada really closely I realized it had one wing that looked like it had not fully formed - really it looked like melted I knew that it was panicking because it could not fly to safety, food, reproduction or just about any of the normal functions of it's life.
And wooook at that wittle sad face, I mean darn! I know most people don't give a sh*t about bugs, muchless a doomed and deformed one... but for some reason it always goes against my nature to not create some kind of peace for any creature, no matter the size or the 'ugly'. It may sound cooky, it may even sound hippy, or borderline buddhist but if we all could go around feeling compassion for each living thing- whether it be grass, an insect, animal or another human, I think the world would be a pretty sweet place. A balanced place where nature would be respected - and the give and take would have a sort of sacred balance.
I looked up what cicadas eat and all i could find out about it was that they drink tree sap. I believe this is pretty accurate because the little dude had this long needle-like sucking thing that it eventually bared down on my skin trying to penetrate me like a shot at the doctor's office. Since it wasn't ok for it to suck all the moisture out my finger, I brought it to an apple tree to have some refreshments and live the rest of it's natural life. Bye bye little buddy!


linda said...

beautiful wings

Mokihana and Pete said...

being there for all the critters and noticing the oh-no-not-perfect wing is exactly in the right direction.

how fortunate for them, for us, you are there to notice and to care for real.

nice, Mokihana