Monday, August 10, 2009

Bird's Nest: From Eggs To Birth (dat means baby birds!)

This bird decided to make it's happy home underneath the flap of a tent, which required it to make a sort of tornado design starting from a tiny bottom to the wider nesting top! That takes alot of extra work, but obviously nature is an instinctual art. Moss and leaves for insulation on the outside and tightly woven twigs and grass on the inside to hold her brick red spotted eggs.
I had to get on Bort's shoulders to take these pictures while he held open the flap so I could see in!!
A few short weeks later... deep down in the nesting hole is something fuzzy and special. :)
They were all asleep cause it was early in the morning, they didn't make a sound or hardly move. Just a little half open eye and slight wiggles. I had to stand on a chair and make it quick so that the mama bird didn't go into terrible panic.
I mean, oh my gawd. No words for the Keeeeyyyyyy-UTE-ness.
XoXOOxoxooxxoxxo So many kisses to these birdies I don't even know!


Mokihana and Pete said...

You said, "...That takes alot of extra work, but obviously nature is an instinctual art." I've been seeing that to be true everytime I turn, slow down and notice. Nature doesn't ask permission ... she knows. Ha?

Nice noticing;) Mokihana

Leslie @ the oko box said...

Nature does know! Have you ever seen videos of those birds that make the elaborate mating spots, to attract the lady bird?!?! I mean, it is like a mosiac of beautiful art.