Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Brown, Black and White Fuzzy Caterpillar

This fuzz grub has left me speechless - there's not much left to say when your first impression is that hair style! If this caterpillar was the size of a small dog, assholes would be trying to wear it as their winter coat... that is how beautiful that silky fur is! It might be hard to tell, but this top picture is it's head shot - see the face hidden amongst the fabulousness?!
I found fuzzy wuzzy under a leaf in my veggie garden which I am now hoeing back into the soil, to prepare for my fall garden - it made me think that this is a good reason to mostly hoe and not till, it saves more bugs lives. :)
This last pic below is of it's back, check out those little suction cup feetsies chugging along!

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Mary said...

So cool! I am going to share this with my class when we talk about animal adaptations!