Sunday, August 2, 2009

What Animal's Track Is This?

I found this animal track last month and have not seen another like it since then (and I have looked!) Does anyone know what type of small animal this might be? According to the Tom Brown Jr's field guide for children, it would have to be an animal in the "weasel" family because of the number and shape of the toes... which includes skunks, wolverines, otters, badgers and ferrets.
Oh and WTF is a wolverine, I thought that was the hero in comic books? Am I on the trail of a super hero!?!?


Gratuitous said...

Do you take the original photos in high-res? If so, you could email me one, and I'd be happy to enhance it to make it easier to compare paw prints.

Leslie @ the oko box said...

Hey Gratuitous!

Unfortunately I have to ruin the high rez quality of my pics, when I put them on my blog, by re-sizing them ahead of time. (To save on the bandwidth used on my satellite).
The biggest size left, is the size you get when you click directly on the pic. I think I might need to get a professional tracker out here to teach me :)

Gratuitous said...

If your original photos are high-res, do you not keep them as "source" material and save re-sized ones with different names and locations? Storage media is so cheap these days, after all.

I wish it were a wolverine. They are awesome, fierce little weasels that to me look like a cross between a canine and a feline and, well, a weasel. Try not to corner one. If you do, try your best to weasel out of it.

Leslie @ the oko box said...

My poor old laptop gets really overwhelmed with alot of pics, so I try to not keep too many- even though each month i open a new folder and fill it with hundreds of high rez pics. Probably i need to get a hard drive to save stuff on - after i save up to buy myself a donkey though.
I won't corner any freaky animal, or a not so freaky one either!

Gretta said...

Looks like a pole cat :)

Leslie @ the oko box said...

wish it was a thunder cat. :)