Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ginormous Wild Grapevine

Is this for real? I thought this grapevine was a big dieing tree at first, leaning against another tree in the woods... but no, it's the most huge ginormous, gigantic, amazingly thick wild grapevine I have ever seen in my life!Look how small my hand is touching it, I didn't even know they could get this huge?! It's so girthy that it even has giant poison ivy vines growing up it, and they look micro tiny in comparison (see the P.I. vine cutting through the middle of the grapevine in the pic above and wrapping up it in the pic below...) - and guess what? The grapevine is totally still alive!
The giant grapevine magically wrapped way up into the tall trees, making me feel like I was alice in wonderland shrinking smaller and smaller til everything is suddenly much bigger then it normally should be. Very curious, don't ya think?

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