Monday, July 7, 2008

Today Is Ironic

Sometimes I feel like I am made up of a generation of people who love irony. I mean really love irony - love to wear t-shirts about it, laugh at it, create it, throw parties about it...
Today I felt part of this ironic movement into irony - everything I saw downtown seemed to spill over into this category of life.
1. I walked past a garbage can where someone had spray painted in yellow "Meat Lives". That is certainly some sort of oxymoron, ironic BS, or possibly the philosophy of some really high person with a spray paint can. I could be wrong but I am pretty certain meat is always dead, and before that it is an animal and at that point "lives".
2. I then was walking across a cross walk, when a very impatient unfriendly lady nearly plowed right into me - wearing a shirt that said "KINDNESS" across it. he he.
3. Coming back across the same crosswalk later a guy at the other side of the street was checking me out - I mean head turned around while still walking & blatant staring, while holding his girlfriend's hand very tightly. ( This particular irony happens quite often.)

Do you notice the little ironies of life while walking, biking, riding the subway, or other times when you have plenty time to see what happening around you?

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