Monday, July 14, 2008

Organic Fabric And Lace

Organic fabric has come a long way in the last few years, from 99% solid colors to a wide range of beautiful printed & woven patterns. If you like to shop for fabric online you are in for a treat! The first amazing resource is Crafting A Green World which keeps a growing tally of every natural fabric store online. Another fabulous find was at Natural Thread , a cute blog by Australian designer Madonna Bain - she sourced some really unbelievable natural fabrics with ornate printed patterns. The organic fabric pictured here is scrap fabric from Spiritex, which is local to Asheville NC - but they serve worldwide. They have been weaving organic fabrics since I was a punky little one in highschool, and have really come a long way in their innovative jersey knits, patterns and tapestry fabrics.
If you are drooling over the organic lace pictured here, you will totally freak out when you look at Near Sea Naturals! I did. And I bought that much better in the real then it was pictured on their website- this organic lace is gorgeous and lush! It would make great trim on some eco lingerie, or on some fancy arm warmers.
Do you know of any other great organic fabric sources? Please share!


Skye said...

I'm so glad the lace was everything we wanted it to be!

The Oko Box said...

Hey Skye!
It really is- if you have any use for lace- or if you just like to stare at and touch organic lace, order some :) ... it's so awesome I am almost scared to use it.