Monday, July 21, 2008

Eco Wallpaper

I have always had a love hate relationship with wallpaper - the fear of it going out of style, the toxic glues to get it to stick to your wall for gawd knows how long, and the wasteful nature of all that paper. Wallpaper though is taking a turn for the eco, and with modern & textured flare. The museum worthy textured wallpaper tiles pictured here are made from 100% recycled paper...woo! And since my wallpaper phobia began, there have been long strides in inventing less toxic
glues. Depending on how you place these wallpaper tiles you can create your own work of art by altering the pattern. This I find much more intriguing then the usual 2-D traditional floral wallpaper patterns that look about as good as boogers wiped on the wall (no offense mom). What is totally fabulous too is you can paint your textured wall creation when your done - make sure though you use No VOC paints or make your own milk paint!

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