Wednesday, July 23, 2008

6 Most Popular Oko Box Blog Posts

Here is a re-visit to the top 6 most popular posts here at The Oko Box Blog, these articles kept you coming back for more and more and more.

1. Eco Bridal: Organic Wedding Dress - It's exciting to see that thousands of couples are planning a green wedding!

2. Scam Taking Advantage of Green Businesses - Many nerves were touched here, check out all 77 comments.

3. Plus Size Organic Clothing! - Here is something there is not enough of, but I found a few companies who make sizes up to 4X.

4. Peak Oil: My Issue With The Oil Drum - A fabulous discussion that stirs up many opinions on our future.

5. DIY: Making Natural Non Toxic Dye - this tutorial was featured here and on Crafting A Green World... please share your natural crafting stories.

6. Enamore Organic Lingerie Coming To The Oko Box - Who doesn't love Enamore? And finally she will be at our fingertips!


Nick at nightie said...

Lingerie is under wedding dresses?! Come on now! Think it's going to jump a few notches now that you provided another link though...

The Oko Box said...

Hey Nick - don't you know scams and weddings are America's favorite things, we put lingerie on the list but not at the top ;)