Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Organic & Upcycled Lingerie

There is something about lingerie that is pure being so hot! There was a time many many years ago that I thought Victoria's Secret was the magazine and credit card of my dreams- until I grew up and learned about the deplorable conditions of the workers, and the environmental impact of the mass manufactured synthetic fabrics. My lust for soft and beautiful lingerie never faded, so lucky for us all I am slowly building an earthy friendly lingerie empire @ The Oko Box... ;)
This beautiful brown locally woven organic cotton set is coming to The Oko Box this month, made by designer On The Inside.
For your must have basics Ecoland's 100% organic cotton bra, pantie, and tank tops can't be beat- they are dye free and perfect for those with chemical sensitivities.
Clare Bare makes gorgeous upcycled lingerie from vintage fabrics that are not only adorable but have punk & retro attitude!
(back view of the Clare Bare bloomers!) Vintage Upcycled Fabric with organic cotton liners.
Camisole and pantie set in 100% organic cotton by On The Inside.
Eco luxury lingerie by Enamore coming September 1st 2008 ! Yippee for luscious hotness in organic cotton, soy, silk and hemp!


Nicksual healing said...

Supa sexy!!!

The Oko Box said...

I agree :) eat your heart out V.S !

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awesome undies!