Saturday, July 19, 2008

Lucious Upcycle Fashion

Upcycle is about as eco friendly as you can get. I get completely excited when I discover cool upcycle fashion like this be-dazzle dress pictured here, because not only is recreating from the old an artistic endeavour but the results are so unique. It takes a little imagination to take a not cool funked out sweater that would best be suited for dinner on the AARP cruise ship, and turn into a magically sexy tube dress! (Note to AARP members- you would look hot in the dress too!)
Upcycle may not be the choice for those with chemical sensitivities since the fabrics are not natural, and neither are their dyes or prior cleaning care... but for the earth friendly peeps who don't get woozy around synthetics, this is all you!
Check out Etsy for a fun selection of upcycled fashion. Also at The Oko Box take a look at the upcycled denim skirts and sexy upcycled vintage lingerie!


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That is one bedazzlicious creation !
Thanks for sharing it.