Thursday, July 3, 2008

June Bug?!

I have only seen this wildly green beetle since living in the smokey mountains, the first time being 6 years ago in a cemetery by the Blue Ridge Parkway. I have heard people call them "june bugs" although the june bugs I experienced growing up in New Orleans were tiny and all brown (but in New Orleans everything is different "roley poley bugs" are called "doodle bugs".) I wanted to share this big guy with ya'll, pictured here crawling on my neighbor Heather's hand- and ask this:
Are they native to North Carolina?
I heart this bug!


Metamorphnick said...

Yeah that doesn't look like a june bug to me. I've always called them japanese beetles.

The Oko Box said...

It wasn't a japanese beetle, because it was really huge...maybe about 7 times the size of a japanese beetle. I also haven't noticed these guys destruying my gardens. They can't seem to even fly straight! he he