Sunday, July 27, 2008

Food Allergies: Where Can I Eat?

Special Gourmets is a food allergy guide to eating out! This is pretty exciting for those with food allergies who have no clue where it's safe to go, and maybe don't want to be the first to try a place out. Special Gourmet is still in it's crawling stages, but is a community based website that you can add to and edit yourself, sharing knowledge of where it's safe to eat. It's easy to find a place by simply choosing your food allergy (gluten, wheat, soy, egg, dairy, shellfish etc...) and then typing in the destination you desire. The map is worldwide and is intended to help those with food allergies travel the globe and enjoy cuisine anywhere they go.
If you are a allergy serving business owner, you are also invited to add your listing for free.

Personally speaking, when I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease/Gluten Ataxia 7 years ago I never went out to eat again... and still have not. For some allergies the risk feels too high and I prefer to stay home and cook all my meals.

Do you have food allergies? Do you enjoy dining out or do you stay home instead?

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Jodie said...

Heya, I can't suggest anywhere in America, but there are a few places in Australia that are completely gluten free like 'Silly Yaks Cafe' those are the only places I would trust, cause you know there's pretty much no chance of cross contamination.
Now-a-days I do stay home & cook all my own meals though, I haven't done a very good job of staying healthy, an I figure this is the only failsafe way >_> Mind you I'm quite sick at the moment, working around large amounts of dog food is not a good idea for a coeliac : ( I'm quitting soon...