Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Eco Friendly Building: EnviroGlass

After reading an article in Low Impact Living about the newly discovered dangers of granite countertops (that they can leak radon into your home) I was totally surprised. Sometimes a seemingly natural element just does not do well when taken out of it's environment and put into a home. Ozone is another example of this, have I ever told you how bad bad bad it is? (If not I will in another post.)
Low Impact Living provided an alternative material to granite, that I find similar but way more beautiful! And that is EnviroGlass! I am so in love with this versatile material, that can be made for countertops, but also into flooring (see pic). I love the way they cut it to mimic wood floors, but with that deep starry night blue! I wish I had a house to renovate, just for these gorgeous floors.
The glass comes in a variety of colors, cuts, and sizes- from red, blue, green and orange, to multi mixtures. Plus you can view the entire process of how it was made on the website, which is the kind of transparency I like to see in an environmentally friendly business.
Do you know of any other alternative countertop & flooring materials?


Clare said...

Wow I've never even heard of this and I work with glass all the time! It would be amazing to do my next mosaic project with this stuff...we'll have to see how expensive it is though hmm..

The Oko Box said...

Hey Clare!
It might be pricey but I didn't check actually, i was busy drooling - but for houses, and small mosaic projects it would rock out. ah, I am still drooling.

KMI HousePlans said...

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