Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Getting Crafty With Cardboard

I have to confess, I am more crafty then fashionable when it comes to decorating my workspace, I love to use all kinds of materials lying around to make the supplies I need. This week as sales increased and I learned how to use the USPS click-ship method of delivery some things around my "office" needed to change. Particularly I needed some paper holding boxes to organize orders as they went through the process of being packaged, weighed, labeled and shipped.
This is how to make my Easy Paper Organizer Box out of recycled cardboard, fabric scraps, and a box cutter/exacto knife:

Using a piece of paper the size I needed for the organizer, I measured the bottom holder. Then measured two long sides and two short sides to put the box together.

Then I poked holes in bottom/middle portion of each edge for the side panels and a hole in each corner of the bottom of the organizer. If you find this too tedious, get your cat to do it for you - like i did in the picture below ;)

Take a safety pin and use it to pull the fabric scraps through the holes of the side panels and tie them together. Then using one of those same holes and the holes on the bottom of the organizer, pull the fabric scraps through and tie together too.Awesome! When you are done you'll have a super crafty, cute and FREE organizer for your paperwork...Yay! I super love mine, because i made them myself and didn't pay a penny for them.
PS- What I am going to try and make next is an entire desk out of cardboard!!!

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