Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Factory Green

Just wanted to give a quick little nod to Factory Green's hysterical "WTF?" Tee! (Nod & smile) ... Factory Green is an eco minded online shop that is geared towards the college crowd and run by two college guys who were inspired by the way Europeans didn't just talk about environmental issues, but lived out solutions. Sigh, yes - my BFF since the 6th grade moved to Germany over half a decade ago and has talked about nothing but brilliant solutions to just about every problem in effect there. From organic groceries being delivered for insanely great prices, orange flavored yogurt, and even a baby drop box at hospitals (you know to keep people from dumping babies in dumpsters like some highschoolers do round' the USA.) I know, WTF? :) I digressed majorly from the love of this t-shirt.

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Sarcasnick said...

How about one that has a cashier saying OMG, rolling their eyes, when someone doesn't bring their own bags to their organic grocery?