Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Newborn Moth or Deformed Moth?

Today my kitty "Toots" found this moth and brought it right up to me, luckily holding it only by it's legs from her teeth. I immediately could tell it was a moth but when she dropped it in my hands it had tiny little wings impossible to fly with. Within 3 minutes it looked as though those wings were getting bigger (or my imagination was) which lead me to believe this moth was newly born, did seem damp bodied, and was having a terrible stressful start to life. It's so huge and beautiful (and hopefully not deformed), is there an entomologist out there who can identify this American Moth - I know it is common over here on the eastern side of the US. (I don't have my butterfly & moth identification books anymore...and right now I wish I did)!
Aside from satisfying my inner scientist... isn't he/she so perty?

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