Friday, July 4, 2008

Nature Is The Reason

This happy little mama is nesting in a tree right outside my neighbor's window. How amazing when your window is as high as a tree and you have a birds eye view of the birds - little babies being born, peaking their funny heads up, opening their beaks for worms...or a preying mantis like we watched yesterday. It's baby creature week here at my house! Baby kittens, baby robins, and even bunches of the baby preying mantis all starting their new lives right downtown Asheville NC via my yard.
The ecological balance between all creatures, including ourselves is the reason for the whole green movement. Every single living thing, connected to the other, in a delicate and ever changing motion. It's very simple things like this, that are the reason I eat organic & local foods, donate to wildlife groups, learn about native gardening, walk a light footstep, wear sustainable clothes, and recycle. We can never fully grasp the complete dependency and cycle of life from earth's core to an apple core- except to know that without it's treasures we cannot survive.
I Heart Nature!

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Green Nick said...

Very nice. Sounds like you are feeling reflective and thoughtful today. It's all true. Nature is the reason for the season!