Wednesday, July 9, 2008

10 Eco UnFriendly Professions

1. Monster Truck Driving Professional: Monster truck driving is considered an entertaining sport just like professional wrestling, except that this job uses tons of resources, fuel, smashes buses and cars, & fills up the rally ring with dirt that becomes polluted with burning tires, exhaust and gasoline. Then the whole mess has to be cleaned up. This profession racks up on the waste facter and gets two eco thumbs down.

2. Airplane & Car Leather Seat Manufacturer: Leather is notriously bad bad bad! It not only uses a hazardous chemical cocktail to tan the skin, but these chemicals are dumped into rivers & ground soil while also harming the health of underpaid workers in poor regions of the world. Plus if those chems are not enough the plane you travel in is dowsed in fire redardents in case of a crash. (Jet lag isn't only from flying!) The use of leather on planes and cars is just for fluff, first class fun for the rich & spoiled, and is a completely wasteful use of the material.

3. Cruise Ship (most jobs accossiated with): While a relaxing cruise might be nice, the concept of sailing around in a ship equipped with pools, fine dining, non stop parties and has a whole medical team like it's an inhabited island has got to creat some serious waste. Check these stats out -> "To put it in perspective, the fleet of U.S. flagged ships sailing interisland Hawaiian cruises (spending 96 hours of the week idle in port) run a price tag of nearly $250,000 a week to fuel each vessel, lifeboats and tender boats. These ships range from about 70,000 tons - 93.000 tons. " The gross amount of fuel used by cruise ships, and the idling factor are eco gag-able.

4. Factory Farm Owner: Finally this profession is being uncovered for what it is- wasteful, abusive, polluting and unethical. Factory farming not only raises questions of ethical treatment with animal rights activists, but also the wide spread use of antibiotics in these animals has raised worried eyebrows to the effects on human health. Keeping animals confined to tiny areas where they have no room to move creates serious illness, the unsanitary conditions on top of that make a breeding house for bacteria. These factory farms use artificial methods to force the animals to produce their product faster and faster to meet demand and make a higher profit. This is why they also over use medications which are now in our food, and in our bodies causing health problems more wide spread then has even been discovered. This job is so dirty they might be going to eco hell!

5. Styrofoam Peanut Manufacturer: Someone at one time thought this was a good idea. Then these little peanuts didn't biodegrade, have some kind of static cling to everything, killed a piece of our ozone, became every eco friendly person's nightmare, and gave my cat diarrhea when she ate it. And it's till being made!? The people who are manufacturing this stuff need to get with the corn/potato/food starch peanut program and stop this madness.

6. The President: While this profession could be used for the eco good of mankind, in the last 8 years (and many other times in history) it has been used as one of the most powerful forces of destruction on earth. This job more then any other could effect the greatest change, but the current president has earned this position as an eco disaster job with not only supporting big oil, but also reeking havoc by declaring war on everything. War is always an environmental problem- you know with all that bombing, burning, stealing and destruction of land & native culture. The amounts of wasted money he put into ridiculous programs such as the abstinence only program that replaced sex education- causing a 3% rise in teen pregnancy, adding to our overpopulation problem. Should I go on?

7. Atomic Bomb Engineer(and friends): This is a job of pure destruction, although I am certain it is created out of fear that someone will destroy us so we must destroy them first. There is no way around it though, if you are the engineer of weapons of mass destruction, well - that is just really super un-eco. This profession is created with the sole purpose to blow apart and annihilate huge amounts of ground and everything on it. Bombs vaporize trees, homes, people and anything in it's path.

8. Astronaut: You may not like this because going into space is so very interesting, exciting and it's where E.T is from... but that's all it is. The building, fueling, preparing and launching of Rockets into space is a high energy consuming endeavour. While I am one who is enthralled by the evidence they find in space, it is actually a job based solely on our curiosity. When they crash, they also leave a scary mess behind that scatters questionable substances far and wide.

9. Golf Course Developer: Golfing may be a fun sport to many (like the super un-eco Mr. Tiger Woods), but golf courses themselves are notoriously built on top of undeveloped parcels of land which were home to many native plants, trees and creatures. These life forms are needed to keep a delicate ecological balance, and when a golf course is built these areas are made into a artificial, chemical sprayed, non native plant, only for the wealthy human 'oasis'. The amount of gasoline & chemical fertilizers used to maintain the huge open grassy areas is completely frivolous. The developers who fund these types of projects are obviously under an evil spell cast by the money gods, since there is nothing to gain except green in the bank.

10. Rainforest Logging: At this point with all the talk about the rainforest being so public I can't believe corporations get away with this BS still, but here is a job causing horrible things to happen to the air we breathe plus eliminating many natural plants and possibly medicines never to be seen again. "Experts estimates that we are losing 137 plant, animal and insect species every single day due to rainforest deforestation. That equates to 50,000 species a year. As the rainforest species disappear, so do many possible cures for life-threatening diseases. Currently, 121 prescription drugs sold worldwide come from plant-derived sources. While 25% of Western pharmaceuticals are derived from rainforest ingredients, less that 1% of these tropical trees and plants have been tested by scientists. " And what puts the gross icing on the shitty job cake is shit tons of fuel used to chainsaw, bulldoze, & haul the trees - all the while putting fumes in the air that the very trees they are cutting down are made to clean up. Big corporations lure in native workers and give them money to do the dirty logging work, take all the profits and leave the native land of those people in ruins, raping them of any future or resources.


Top nick on the list said...

Great list! How about airplace test pilot? That's a huge waste of fuel. Or my english teacher in the 10th grade? I think she was the cause of the hole in the ozone with all of the hairspray she used.

Colleen said...

Golf course developers except Justin Timberlake, of course! He's in the process of buying a course in Memphis and plans to make it eco-friendly, though the information I saw didn't mention what products they'll be using to keep the green so green.

The Oko Box said...

Wow- I would love to know how clear cutting a huge golf course can be made green - i wish he'd call me up and let me plan it for him ;)
1.all native plants
2. don't cut trees
3. all buildings must be green built and tiny and solar
4. no sprays or sprinklers allowed

Ok Justin, call me!