Saturday, July 5, 2008

Organic Jewelry

Yay! There's some new organic cotton cord necklaces up at The Oko Box. Each one is handmade (by me) using natural gemstone, shell or glass and sits on a cord made from leftover organic cotton fabric, that is locally grown and woven here in Asheville NC. The pendents come in all sorts of sizes, from the large stone pictured here to smaller light weight stones- each one has it's own personality and expressive color.
My favorite part is you can tie the cord in the back to be any length you desire - one day a choker, next day swinging down by your belly :) , that way you can move with the fashion groove without becoming outdated. Plus the prices range from $ 16.50 -20.00... that is so affordable!


Sacred Age said...

Ok, Do You Know Anything About The Native Version Of This Necklace Design And What It Means? I Have A Black Stone One And Cannot Find Any Info On It. Please Fill Me In However You Can.

organic clothing said...

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