Monday, July 5, 2010

Momentary Lapse Of Bloggin' : Happy Belated 4th Of July

Hey Ya'll - sorry I didn't get to share with ya this weekend, but I actually went out of my forest ova' to Big Sandy Mush (my old haunt) for a good Ole' 4th of July Party....
Tomorrow I am going to show you the epic wins and fails of cooking meat & veggies in an Earth Oven ( cooking straight down in the ground!)

PS- to my many friends who have MCS, yep that is me holding a sparkler and being around fireworks! I am way way healthier (but i still think fireworks are way way bad for the environment!)

Smooches xoxox


Liberty said...

awesome possum Leslie!
that was my first thought upon seeing the pic... she's holding a sparkler!
I have some I've been saving for years. Probably will use them this summer.
I'm looking forward to the earth oven reviews.

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Hey Liberty!
I knew you'd understand the depth of the sparkler thing! :)
I put up the earth oven post for ya - i think you will like it!

PS_ tell me when you use your sparkler, i wanna hear how epic it was !