Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ice Yellow/White Fuzzy Hairy Caterpillar

I found the sweetest fuzziest tiny little buddy on my jeans I had hanging on the clothes line outside... a white-ish yellow-ish caterpiller with a face .... i mean, literally a FACE! This is a face that rivals with my favorite jumping spider (remember pouty adorable jumping TeXas??) !!!
These are things that are hard to see - not because humans sometimes suck and hate on little bugs.... but because these bugs are so small from any distance we'd fail too see such an expressive, elaborate face on them! I can't tell if this lil' caterpiller looks like a sad clown, a pentagram ritual, or a great thinker!? (If ya wanna see the picture larger, just click right on the actual picture for a blown up version.)
What is really amazing is close up it's face does not even appear to be flat, but to have distinct features, similar to a dog, cat or some mammal... a little nose...a bald head....
The types of trees I had my clothes line pinned to where a red oak and tulip poplar, there are also mountain laurel and native hydranga close by... I am not sure which flora this baby came from, but I hope to see more!
Anyone wanna try to guess what kind of caterpillar this guy is, and what kind of flying beauty it will become???



Stephanie Rogers said...

Hey Leslie, this is unrelated to your awesome caterpillar, but have you heard about the feds considering burying the nation's nuclear waste in Sandy Mush?!? This just about made my head spin. FUCK NUCLEAR POWER!


kirk said...

you have a good eye for the small things!! you must spend alot of time in the "now" to notice so much detail. i wish more people would slow down like you have and see the amazing beauty around us. there is a small fly here that has the most beautiful powder blue duff of its tail---if I had a camera i would take a picture.

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Hey Stephanie!
WTF, that is more disturbing then I can even tell you - if they have any meetings about that shit, I will there front lines protesting. Big Sandy Mush is a place very dear to me, and even though i live over the ridge from there now, I am still only miles away here in LUCK --- everytime i drive over Doggit Mountain into Big Sandy Mush my heart feels like I am at my other home! The fact that they want to dump somehting so fucking gross on a place so beautiful, to untouched, a place which is mostly forest preserve is so wack!
I cant think straight about it, it's too aweful.

Kirk -
Thanks so much. Maybe when I read all those books like "The Power of Now" like 8 years ago the concepts really stuck in my brain.... or maybe when I was really sick long ago and could hardly go anywhere I learned to notice things closer to me rather then seek out....
you should get a camera! I wanna see the fluffy blue tail!'
There is a bug here, looks like a micro tiny white puffy fairy, i hope one day to get one of those on camera.

Amy Dunn said...

These are incredibly adorable, cute little face. I "accidentally" smooshed one today in my garden, d'oh!

Amy Dunn | Photographer

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lonx said...

I'm no expert but this looks to be a type of flannel moth caterpillar; possibly Megalopyge crispata? There's more info here: http://bugguide.net/node/view/3321/bgimage?from=0

Great photo's - what a cute lil guy! :) I can just picture him atop a mushroom smoking a hookah!

jane and john said...

Looks rather to be the Laugher