Saturday, July 17, 2010

I Found A Turtle In The Road...

....and jammed on the brakes of my Jimmy GMC to pick it up. I jumped out the truck and ran backwards to the turtle, grabbed it, then ran back to my truck and put it in a box to bring back to my pond at the Luck Cabin. Safe and far away from any busy roads!
I hadn't seen any box turtles at my pond yet (only two snapping turtles just this week) - and had been wishing for some turtles to come hang around. :)
I waited behind some tall ferns for Lil' Boxy to pop out it's head and check out the cool place it now could live.... I sensed a look of approval and appraisal.
A whole pond to itself to start a family! Yay!


Diane Costanza said...

The day we moved into our house, there was a single box turtle living in our new fenced yard. There were no trees or bushes of any kind, no water source. He was all alone, as if he had been waiting for us.

My husband and I took this as a sign of good things to come and that we would grow old in this house.

The turtle was released out into the woods from whence he came, but twenty years later we are still here, with extended family even, and this house is still a beautiful place to call home.


suzanne31381 said...

My grama had several box turtles living on her acreage in Oklahoma. Every summer during my childhood we'd see them and know the were ours because she had marked their shells with nail polish! Not sure if that was good for the turtle, but they lived there fore 20+ years and might still, for all I know. They seemed pretty happy. We fed them melons every night after supper as we sat out on the patio.

BTW, the very first fish I every caught fishing with my grampa was, in fact, a snapping turtle. I was about 4. Yikes!

Good times in the country.... :)

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Thanks Diane for sharing that story! I totally feel the same about about seeing certain creatures when significant events are happening in my life. I think having nature around is always a good sign - and it is nice that ya'll put it back in the woods too! xoxoxo

What I didn't mention in this post was after seeing the turtle I then saw a cat with a kitten (they ran off) and a dog (it ran off too) - and i then declared that the NEXT stray animal i saw I was putting in my car and taking home with me and the turtle - 10 seconds later I came around a bend and there was a freakin' COW in the road !!!! LOL
It had on a leather collar but had no tag/ID - i threw it some of my gluten free pancake and drove on.

Hey Suzanne-
That is so cool, i am sure nail polish is way gross but at the same time I love the idea of marking the turtles and seeing how they always came back! I didn't realize they did that. :))))
I hope I have some turtles who live at my pond with me who come back every year!

kirk said...

I picked 3 painted turtles off the road last weekend near my land. It was a hot day and they were in the gravel--Didn't want them to get hit by a car but I think most vechicles avoided them because they look like a big rock on the road. I don't know if they were trying to get warm?? (it was 90)--or traveling to nest??. They all peeed lots when I picked them up./

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Hey Kirk! ha, i bet they did pee. I dont know if Lil' Boxy pee'd in my funky old truck, it's so funky at this point I wouldnt know if it got pee'd on! The window fell into the door and i can't get it back out, so you could say the interior is moist. :0

I have heard people say the animals go to the road for warmth, and maybe turtles like it extremely hot? but I think they are probably traveling, and our silly roads are like totally in the way!