Sunday, July 18, 2010

Building A Watering Hole

So here's an idea I got today that I am building up and testing out. Right behind my mini-barn built for my (soon to come) donkey and chickens I found a small stream of spring water coming out the ground, moving downward then disappearing under leaves and back underground.
I decided it might make a good watering hole for the animals, since it flows constantly with fresh spring water, so I started digging out some of the built up deep silt and mud....
I then took clay that had been dug from deep underground when me and my uncle were putting in the foundation poles for the barn - I dumped buckets of clay across where the water puddled... then the water started to fill up in significant amounts! I put a slight notch in the middle so the water has a place to finally overflow and continue renewing it's freshness.
I still have a ways to go - I want to add more clay to my mini levee and dig deeper in front of it --->but does anyone have any engineering suggestions on how to improve/enhance my idea of a good natural watering hole for my animals?


Lou Cheese said...

You'll want to isolate the spring from any potential run-off from the donkey's pen or the chicken coop. Given the spring's proximity to them and the nature of things to work their way through the soil and eventually into the water table (people in Kansas are drinking the fertilizer that the farmers put into the soil decades ago), a subterranean retaining wall might be best.

Ideally, the donkey pen and any chicken coop run-off would be below the spring.

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Hey Lou cheese!

I think to solve all that maybe i will put in one of those round cement watering tanks that collect the spring water. That way they can't step in it.

This isn't their only natural water source, I am also setting up rain barrels to collect and re-fresh water --- then i have a third source where spring water is already being piped in on the far end of the fence. :))).

Panne said...

you might want to just tap the spring higher up and gravity feed it to your tank. you're on the right track keeping them from stepping in it.

you might want to put a valve of some sort on the bottom of your tank to flush out anything that settles on the bottom.

starting to wonder if cajuns can go anywhere and not find an excuse to build a levee, lol. looking at your's i'd say you were a rice farmer in a past life.

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Hey Panne!!
Those are some good ideas. I will be sure to ude a tank where i can drain the silt out the bottom.
And i had to laugh... i did build a little levee. Must be in my DNA - and maybe i should learn from my hometown how they don't always work. :0

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