Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Owl Eye Caterpillar Metamorphosing

Wowzers! I found this caterpiller on one of the old locust fence posts I am about to put up for my donkey - and it was in it's very first stages of metamorphosis!!! Pretty awesome to see - you can observe the back legs already squeezing into a cocoon shape, and at it's head and feet there were tiny spider web like strings holding it tightly to the wood.

It seemed to only be able to squirm a lil' at this stage, it could no longer run on suction cup toes - it also did not unfurl it's tucked under head when i moved it from the fence post to a safer place high up in my barn.

Does anyone know if this owl eye caterpiller, will become one of thoses magnificent owl eye moths?!?



Cosmic said...

Bella! Bella!Bella! Beautiful!!!


Leslie's Gone Oko said...

I know COsmic - isn't it pretty! My eyes could not have missed it's neat shape.

Gratuitous said...

Tiger Swallowtail!

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Gratu- way cool! I love them.... i never would have guessed this was who they were in their former life though, i thought for sure it would be a moth!

Anonymous said...

When the Tiger Swallowtails are in their brown stage, it is a sign that they're about to begin their transformation! Nice find! As an insect lover, I really do find your blog exciting! I will be coming here more often!