Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bright Green & Yellow Metallic Spider

ooooooooooh, pretttty.... spider! Those bright summer time colors and amazing pattern I can't really describe except maybe if you blur your eyes it will become a picture of running horses or somethin'.
I have a few of these spiders making webs all around the outside of my house - including spots like my water pump and outside shower (smart, since wet attracts prey!)
They are graceful and don't scare very easily either, so I don't get all that close cause I am sure they are somewhat aggressive. Does anyone know what kind of spider this is??


Gratuitous said...

Orchard Orbweaver (Leucauge venusta)

Leslie's Gone Oko said...


It's name is a dazzling as it's actual being! That is so rare!

Orb Weaver sounds like a really good name for a hippy who wants to get rid of their birth name!