Friday, July 2, 2010

Planting My Dwarf Fruit Trees

I recently had to cut down some trees at the Luck Cabin in order to have a little sunshine, internet service and a spot to build my mini barn for the donkey and chickens. Can I just say no matter how hard I fought it, I felt terrible with every moment of every cut when the wintergreen smell of the birch tree's bark hit the breeze as it was chainsaw'ed into.... don't really care if they are renewable resources (and all other justifiable arguements like my big stacks of firewood) it still hurt my heart to cut them down.
SO now I am planting some new trees to replace the ones I cut! I had already put in a white peach, regular peach and mulberry tree I brought with me here --- but then I read a Homesteading Book I got as a gift, a book that shows you how to make elaborate food gardens in a very small space...this book had me hooked when they mentioned Dwarf Fruit Trees! Yay! The perfect solution to my small spot of sun, so that they won't shade my veggie garden...
(above) My Tart Cherry Tree! This one is my very favorite, not cause of the fruity yummy cherries I will get next year but because when I was carrying her to the garden I had to lean my face against her trunk and all i felt was love.
The Pear Tree (below) was not happy about being put in a box and brought VIA Fed Ex.... but whatevs, he'll get over it. :)

Annnndd here is the lovely PEACH tree! mmmmm.

The rad thing about planting these dwarf fruit trees are they will be making fruit by next year! I don't have to wait 10, 15, 30 years before seeing some fruits - next season I will happily have just what I need (and ya'll know i love feeling like I don't have to depend on the stores to give me food!)



Anonymous said...

MY in-laws live with us and my father-in-law has turned our backyard into an orchard of kiwi and fig trees. It is so wonderful to look out the kitchen window now and see them growing as time goes by.

Enjoy your garden!

Urban Scout said...

Awesome! Seeing this makes me want to plant some trees. I love watching trees grow. Plants too, but trees and shrubs are so much more... epic? I don't know. This is exciting. I also like that you got dwarfs. Hahaha. I don't know why that's funny to me. It's like you're a hobbit.

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Hey Diane!

That is way awesome! I love figs so much and am hoping to be able to grow on here too. The last place I lived before the Luck Cabin, was in Big SAndy Mush and there is an awesome apple orchard there... i loved it.

Urban SCout -- ha ha. Trees really are epic because they are long term, they can outlive the one who plants it's seed - they give food and they generally come back year after year.
I have a thing with annual plants - i dont like planting things that won't come back, i try to make all my gardens useful, native, medicinal, herb, edible gardens. woo!
BTW- even if people are in the city, there are many food producing trees you can keep indoors too!