Thursday, July 1, 2010

Whoa WTF Tree!

Yeah, it looks like a rock in front that large tree trunk right? From far away I knew it was part of the tree, but as I approached it I thought that HAS to be a big boulder....

WHat it is IS A TREE (not a rock), folded ova' like a piece of freakin' bread dough! Wowsers! I don't even begin to understand this one.

But I love it. I mean I love it so much that if it asked me to marry it, I would totally say yes and take care of this old man (knowing he will outlive me!) This is not only an awesome tree because of this weirdo circular appendage, but also it is one of the largest birch trees I have ever seen! The type of birch which smells like wintergreen & rootbeer in it's bark and branches.....mmmmm

You can see here the top of the folded bark 'boulder', and it's strange connection to the main trunk... what do you think? One time a root? One time a trunk? Wtf is it?
AnD here's Me ! On top the funny rounded stumpy! WiLd !


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