Thursday, March 18, 2010

Saying Goodbye To Big Sandy Mush

My time here in Big Sandy Mush is now limited - my belongings and maybe my body too will be in Hot Springs NC sometime this weekend. Everything is packed and ready to go on my next adventure in these mountains. I have loved Big Sandy every time I have lived here but Madison County has my heart and I am finally going 'home'.

I am going to attempt to ride my electric bike there almost the entire way to avoid having to ride in a car - finga's crossed ya'll, that this 3rd electric bike doesn't break like #1 and #2! Cause I have go way more then 5 miles... more like 5 miles x's 4 ---> that is unless I do the secret trespassing shortcut plan I have mapped out that I found on google. Sketchy, yes ... sneaky, yes... way shorter... oh my gawd, yes! I think like, maybe a church and someone's house is there in the middle, but I am not sure... my plan is to get to the middle and if another human catches me bike handed to act like I got lost from where I need to go so they will help guide me towards my house and not back to the HWY. ;)

Let me show you the secret shortcut on the map...

(it is the part private paved road at A and part graveled in road at B- which looks like a dark black line ---> going between point A and point B .... you can see if I don't go that way, I have to ride the blue line which goes around a whole mountain.)

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BTW... here below is a cell phone picCHa' my friend Mark took of my house, when he was part way finished putting in the locally milled and way cheap Hickory Floors I got. (There were no floors except plywood before that.) If you are local to Madison County, you can hire Mark to do cool stuff to your house too... he is all eco-fied.
And before I go, I wanna show ya'll a project I was working on a few weeks ago - but I think it came out like an inappropriate 4th grade "do not litter" style poster. I need help with slogans, reallllly bad - so leave some suggestions about what could be said that would get the point across, be mature, and can include censored naked ladies.
I heart this:::

And This too:::

AND I heart every single one of you!!!! Wish me luck...



Daniel said...

You can't go au natural without nature

Daniel said...

Untouched wilderness, where things really get wild!

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

OH Daniel ... those are good ones. I like "untouched wilderness, where things get wild!"

I took out the "really". YOu rock.

Lou Cheese said...

A vulnerable woman traveling on a backwoods country road.....that's how most horror movies start.

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Ha! Mr Cheese --->

Good thing I won't be vulnerable... i am the smart girl in the horror movie who kicks some ass, slaying zombies and gets a second chance at life.
Also, I will be carrying a knife, scissors and food.

What will be crazy, is dogs. Dogs not on a chain chasing the sound of my bike. But I will be carrying a camera, so ya'll wont miss any of the excitement.


Gratuitous said...

Look! Up in the Sky! It's a Bird! No... It's a Plane. The Black Tape Stays On.

Susie Collins said...

Thinking of you. Anxiously awaiting news that you are safe and sound in your new home. xoxo

Wild Canary said...

Leslie, who woulda thunk it a few weeks ago...I am so happy for you and hoping for a safe and happy horrors...the floor looks is a hoot you are going to be a Mad Co (that is how they abbreviate our counties name on the back of the road signs!) Girl... So, from one Mad Cow Girl to another, Best wishes in your new home.