Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rustic Fence Gate From Wood Scraps

For the love of mah DOnkee - the fence is going up and I made sure there were three spots with gates for me to get in the domesticated animal ring! I decided to get artsy with my smaller fence gates which will be next to my house and behind the pond, by using whole hardwood tree branches & scrap wood that was piled up on my porch from all the other projects going on.

The basic premise I followed to make the small gates were alot like making a frame to stretch canvas over for paintings. Even though I was using raw materials, like branches I created a square/rectangle/box shape following my measurements (approx. 4 feet high and 36 inches wide).

And to support the box, it needed corner braces...

There may be better ways to do this, but I was using mostly hand tools and winging the design(as always I am open to suggestions, and ways to make things easier too!). I was careful to put in extra screws to increase it's durability.

As a finishing rustic look, i took other twisted branches and screwed them to the front of the gate-! Pretty cool huh? Now Jus' two more to go & I am picking up mah DOnkee this weekend.....


(Helpful Hint::: If you wanna make something like this make sure to pre-drill holes and use really long screws!)

NEW BONUS PIC :::::: (Here is the second gate on the right I built today, July 29th!)


Diane Costanza said...

I love a natural wood fence. It has so much more character than one bought at the local hardware store. Nice job!


Erik said...

Silly Leslie. That won't keep an elephant out!

Gratuitous said...

Amazing. You took nature and made it look sorta goth.

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

hey diane!
Thanks so much, I like character too --- the actual fence is made mostly from old locust posts from Mr Butterworth's old farm. I wanted to marry him so i could have his last name, but he is over 80 so maybe he could just adopt me.
His old fence posts make the whole fence beautiful, and I figured that gate should equal it's rustic beauty.

oh shit, what will I do with the circus animals I plan to rescue???

Gratu --->
I didn't notice, but now that you say it. Dang. I can't seem to do 'happy go lucky' art, even with a fence. Let's just pretend it leans on the naughty fairy side, more then the dark lord.

Lou Cheese said...

Next time someone goes into town, have them pick you up some C clamps. Seriously. Put the piece of wood you're going to saw between the two benches, then C clamp it on both sides and saw down the middle. It will be sooooo much easier than what you are putting yourself through now. Besides, C clamps are cheap and they can be adapted to other purposes.

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Mr Cheese!
I know i really do need clamps...!!!

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