Thursday, July 8, 2010

Female Rhinoceros Beetle? Help Me ID this bug!

Last year I had the awesome opportunity to see a male rhino beetle when Bort literally paid a few $bucks$ to some girls at a grocery store who were holding the strange giant bug in a cup and giggling around it at the check out counter. (I gotta say this might be one of the top most thoughtful/romantic gifts given to me in my life!) ;)
Well, after bringing that BIG huge HORNED bad boy into the house suddenly another beetle appeared ... one that was without horn but was quite large and similar coloring. The male had called in tha' ladies!
Last night, I found a beetle in the Luck Cabin crawling on the floor, a beetle that reminded me of the female rhino beetle from last summer! It looks very similar, if not exactly alike - but I am having a hard time finding a positive ID on this buggie online (ya know cause the internet is saturated with info now to the point of insanity!)
WHat do ya'll think? Will she attract a big horned monster into my presence? I could only hope.

BTW :::: Fun fact about the Rhino Beetle is it will eat fruit and maple syrup! And you can keep them as "pets".


Gratuitous said...

Pelidnota punctata, the Grapevine Beetle.

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

OH darn!
Gratu - you are so good at this it's kinda insane.
Or did you already know this one in your vast bug ID memory bank?

Gratuitous said...

ID memory bank? It's about as extensive as yours, given that I learn about them when you take their pics. Sure, I look up interesting bugs and plants on a regular basis, but thanks to you I look them up more often.