Thursday, July 29, 2010

DIY: White Trash Jungle Jean Shorts

Yesterday when I was working around the cabin I ripped the knee of yet another freakin' pair of organic jeans! Luckily I got them for a nominal price off e-bay, so I had no problem turning the ailing denim into a pair of short shorts! In fact, I was kinda waiting for something like this to happen so I could try out my idea....
  • old jeans
  • scissors
  • string, ribbon, hemp, cord or something similar
  • hammer & nail w/ small piece of wood (OR) an awl
STEP 1: I took a pair of shorts that already fit me so I could get a basic measurement for the length of my new jean shorts... only with denim it's better to cut a lil' extra first cause you can always cut more off later after trying them on.
I added an extra 2 inches (plus) when I cut the length, cause I wanted to be able to roll them up.

STEP 2: I then took my side seams and cut them completely open. Since the jeans were a little loose on me, i cut out an extra quarter inch to help them tighten up (once I laced them back together.)
STEP 3: Since I don't yet own an AWL, I decided to use a hammer and nail with a piece of wood to punch holes up the side seams. These holes are going to be used to lace up the sides of the shorts like a corset.
STEP 4: For laces I used chemical free brain tanned buckskin, in order to make the ends easy to lace with I put a tiny bit of oil on the edge and then burned it. This makes the brain tanned buckskin harden and can be used as it's own needle.
I laced evenly up the sides using the holes punches with the hammer and nail....
Once I laced from bottom to top, I simply tied a knot at the top, then did the other side of the shorts exactly the same way.
Best CheCk It BeFoRe Ya Wreck It!
These jean shorts are the best kind of rock -n- roll jungle safari trash style!!! And with those laces, it's adjustable! :)))

YAY!!!! Now time to go back to work, and I hope these don't rip like the jeans did...



Urban Scout said...


Gratuitous said...

Man, I can't believe someone would make such a crass and sexist comment like "HAWT!" on a very serious alternative-lifestyle blog. It serves to cheapen and demean the sincere and elegant story of the life of a sincere, tough, and resourceful woman who has been forced into her lifestyle direction, but has wholly embraced it and is now thriving.

So Leslie, what exactly does the "naughty" in "naughty fairy" (see previous post's comments) mean? In rich detail please; I'm hard of hearing. I'll bet that this mythical creature wears hot-pants and tight shirts and possesses incredibly efficient walking appendages, tanned and toned wings and a perfectly shaped sitting-surface.

Don't hold back, okay? Email every one of us privately if you have to!

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Urban Scout-
Ya know it... that is what daisy dukes are all about. Ya know you wear them too.

lol. I think the naughty fairy is not really goth, but kind of a forest dweller aware of the dark side. ha
Or maybe it was just the hippy girl I saw cut in line the other night. That was pretty naughty.
I take all you said in with a flattered smile.

Ken said...

Hotter than Georgia asphalt in July!

Gratuitous said...

Bort said...

I'm so gonna totally hit that!

Gratuitous said...

Bort, you're like the lease deserving hitter of that of all time.

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Even though it's so off topic for tha' post...
Before this gets ugly and I have to start actually monitoring comments....
I wanna say I am the only person who can say who's gonna hit "that", and who is first in line.
Let's let's not get catty boys!

Bort said...

Why am I the leas(t) deserving Grat?