Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Prepping The Chicken Coop Nesting Boxes

NO chickens yet, but the part of my Mini-Barn (built this month) that is for the hens and their handsome rooster is only a day away from being completed! My uncle who built this barn (who was nice enough to teach me some shit while buidling it) loves raising chickens - he has bunches of chickies, and we designed their safe house together. :)
He said for the nesting box the best layers underneath where the chicken will lay eggs is the following:
  • Bottom Layer - Dirt
  • Middle Layer- Hay
  • Top Layer - Cedar Shavings
I didn't have hay and I noticed all the dirt was wet from the rain. So I made a dirt/hay compromise for now ---
I made the bottom & middle layer all super dry peat moss, and then put thick cedar shavings on top! I figured this was good cause I use peat moss for my compsting toilet, and essentially you want the same kind of 'clean composting' action going on where your chickens will poop-pee.
Hope the ladies will love it!!!


Anonymous said...

Lucky chicks at Luck Cabin! The coop looks cool with pretty wood, like your beautiful cabin. Nice to have helpful the neighborhood?


Canary said...

Didn't mean to choose Anonymous. It's Cheryl in Madison. ;-)

Eric A. said...

I look forward to seeing more pictures once the chicks get moved in!

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Hey Cheryl -
Thanks so much --- my uncle is a really good carpenter (he lives two counties over from me!)
He happen to have the nesting box "roof" wood laying around in his barn, and it's nice cedar. :)

Hey Eric A. -
I promise to share pics of them when i get them! I am very excited about having my own eggs fresh each morning again.

Hjorland said...

This is fabulous indeed! :-D Wish I could have chickens too, but I can hardly take care of my plants, let alone some chickens. :-| How come you use the Swedish letter Ö? (O with two dots above) What does this mean?

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Hey :) The word OKO with the two dots on top is the german word for "organic". My best friend moved from the US to germany about 9 years ago and he taught me some german words, when he'd describe all the new things he was learning.