Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Frogs IN the Luck Cabin

I don't think I told ya'll yet... but every time it rains, and sometimes when it's not raining frogs come hopping right under my door (or over the threshhold when it's open) straight into the Luck Cabin! I like it.



kirk said...

when I was in Brazil the place i stayed in had no screens on the windows so the wildlife just flowed through the cabin--there was a lizard that would change colors depending on which wall he was hanging out on and frogs that loved to hang out stuck vertically on the porcelian in the bathroom. thanks for bring back a good memory

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Hey Kirk!
I love when spiders and critters come in my house--- it makes me feel happy, in a way hard to explain. The other night a frog came in, a kitten was chasing it, my cat was chasing the kitten, and then a bat flew in ALL at the same time!! lol