Thursday, June 18, 2009

White In The Woods

Sometimes it feels like colors have their own season. Like everything yellow blooms, then everything purple, then everything white. It's white time in the woods right now... these are pictures of white wild flowers & one marshmellowy mushroom growing along the trail. I saw the white tail of a deer too, after following it's tracks but it ran away fast and hard.



Gratuitous said...

So you're tracking deer now? Dude, you are so Crusoe.

Leslie @ the oko box said...

hey gratuituos!

I walk along the same trail about 5 times a week, and there have been tracks that looked like either a deer or wild hog. When I went up after a rain storm i noticed all the tracks were fresh and i smelled poop - so i followed along. The deer was HUGE and i got about 20 feet from it when it heard my feet on some crunchy leaves and hauled ass up the side of the hill. I haven't seen new tracks since then.
Who is Crusoe? (I went to New Orleans, LA schools - we didn't learn much besides what to do if you get mugged at gunpoint and who all the catholic saints were.)

Gratuitous said...

Daniel Defoe's Robinson Crusoe.

I wouldn't know about the schools, but I learned plenty when I was in New Orleans. Like which hostel has the beer vending machine beside the pool near the baby alligators. And which bar has the preacher/bartender who serves sermons and delivers Bloody Marys on Sundays (the only church I've been to in 20 years). I also learned New Orleans is not a good place to go broke during one's travels. Without booze, what's the point of the city? Which is why I had to leave. I decided I was too young to become an alcoholic.

Leslie @ the oko box said...

i looked up crusoe--->
that kinda rocks. or so it seemed on the wikipedia explanation.
Maybe i should just be an animal tracker for a living. I can ride a scooter and dress like the baby hunter in the movie Raising Arizona. :)

Gratuitous said...

To my mind, the best part of the novel was from the time he was first shipwrecked up to the time he first made human contact. As a born introvert, the idea of isolation coupled with the need to stay busy finding ways to stay alive speaks to me. Simplicity. Purity. Like the bit in "Trainspotting" where he talks about how easy it is to be a heroin addict because your needs are so simple. Alas, I have gone the way of the Geek, and any harmony I may have with Nature will always be either compromised by or, if lucky, balanced with the whims of the gods of technology. Hence the shipwrecked alone fantasy. But unlike you, I gotta be forced to become one with Tierra Madre.

Thanks for your blog; I'm learning a lot from you. Ever read "My Side of the Mountain?" Same idea as Crusoe, but younger. Swiss Family Robinson for the family version. Seems it's not an uncommon fantasy. Oh, and get a boy scout's handbook from any old year. You'd probably like to learn a bunch of knots and how to make arrows and stuff.

Leslie @ the oko box said...

This is the kind of deer i saw, like in the description it was so frightened of me it lifted up it's tail to show the white underneath.

I don't see why technology would keep anyone from being connected to nature - knowledge is power, and not a bad power if used correctly - so going into woods with the knowledge of so much technology can make the power of nature that much more awesome.
A boy scout handbook is a cool idea, maybe there is one on e-bay!