Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What Baby Organic Veggies Look Like

There's some tiny food in my garden! It's cute like seeing a tiny kitten or tadpole. This is what I have so far:
I have organic summer squash, this is the yellow crookneck kind.
Then there are itty bitty organic green beans - which were pollinated by two big bumble bees and other flying things (I haven't seen one honey bee yet this year.)
This organic pickling cucumber is 2 cute 2 be true - so spiky it looks like an ocean plant!Lastly I have a wide variety of winter squash growing, so wide I have almost no idea what I've planted except for this guy who is an organic pumpkin (the yummy pie kind).


Gratuitous said...

Fascinating how such a short distance can alter the ecosystem so dramatically. I'm about 10 minutes from you, but my cukes are fattening up and nearly half-grown, I've eaten a dozen ripe blueberries already, and tomorrow I pick my first red tomato. I don't know about the broccoli and cabbage, as something has chewed up the leaves (oddly I haven't seen the pests at all, but the chew pattern looks like Japanese Beetle). I will not introduce pesticides, but I wonder if people have had success with, say, hordes of praying mantises (I just saw a baby)? Or ladybugs? Whoa, that would be cool: Mantises and Ladybugs all over my garden! Screw the veggies; gimme bugs!

Leslie @ the oko box said...

Hey gratuitous -
I actually started my garden a little later then usual - all I have eaten from my garden so far are mustard greens, rutabaga greens, & lots of herbs. :)
I think the bug thing would work- praying mantis, lady bugs, and garlic spray. I have a bad problem with squash beetles/bugs and I have been going out there twice a day and hand squishing them - then I wipe their dead bodies on the leaves to gross out the other ones. It worked good on my summer squash plants. Maybe you can catch a few Japanese beetles and grind them up with garlic and spritz it on your eaten plants...!!??!
Are you goping to make pickles with your cucumbers?

Meg said...

Those vegetables are absolutely too cute! And that they are organic just makes them all the more adorable! I wonder if, or more like which, baby veggies you can use in interesting ways?

Gratuitous said...

Nah, I wouldn't know how. Although, I have dropped carrots, cukes and mushrooms into the juice from a pickle jar and let them soak forever. I ended up with not so much pickles as marinated veggies which were tangy and lovely.

Dude, you're just gross. I'm not gonna grind up bugs and smear them on leaves to scare away their brethren. It's like impaling the heads of marauders on poles as a warning. We can't all be bad-asses, you autopsy-loving high-boot-wearing southern goth death knight. You gonna be in the next WTF wrasslin' match?

Leslie @ the oko box said...

Hey Meg-
I have eaten baby zucchini before and they are really good! I am tempted not to eat them as babies though cause I want to get the most food out of my garden as possible to save money...then again, those first few I probably won't be able to wait. :) I bet your birdies would love to eat tiny veggies! <3

Some peeps may think it's gross, but I am pretty sure I got the bug grinding idea from a Mountain X-Press gardening article about keeping japanese beetles off roses. I used to not be able to kill bugs, even the ones eating up my crops - but nothing like a little life experieince PLUS a bad aweful economy to get you motivated. I would never use anything non organic, I would never use a spray I didn't make myself... and the bug thing sicks me out while I am doing it...
BTW- I wrote a dingy on how to make easy pickles last summer:

PS- don't want to wrestle (those guys are huge & are just metrosexual enough to use toxic body care products), just want to walk around the ring holding up a sign of some sort in between matches.

Gratuitous said...

Okay, I'm picklin'... if there are any left. I'm growing many cukes, but it's because, like tomatoes, it's one of the few veggies I eat off the vine, on the fly. Of course all fruit is fair game. But what's a "dingy?" Anything like a thingy, whatchamacallit or a hoozit? Chicks. You probably can't even make a decent gunshot or explosion sound with your mouth, like even my 7yr old boy can.

I'll keep the toxic makeup and glitter thing in mind the next time I'm patrolling for sweet-ass WTF wrestlers. Hey, in between sign-waving sessions at the next match (thanks to you, dammit, I'm afraid I'll have to go), you could hawk hypo-allergenic and organic makeup and hemp Speedo-alternatives for the fellas, just like the girl that goes around selling outfits to strippers.

With said signs, would you walk like they do? You know, all exaggerated runway-model swaying in ridiculous but hot n' evil stilettos? Well would ya mind?