Monday, June 22, 2009

DIY: Organic Fruit Popsicles

In the early 80's my mom used to make us Popsicles by mixing orange juice and yogurt in a pop mold to cool us down during hot New Orleans summers. Homemade Popsicles are so much better then store bought ones cause you have total flavor & health control over what you are eating (AKA making it organic and free of artificial dyes). All you need to make your own pops are a Popsicle mold (or cups and sticks) and some type of fruit like berries, apples or peaches.
STEP ONE: The more fruit the better! Put a ton of berries in an oven safe bowl full of water - the ones in the pic are black raspberries picked fresh off the bush so I only had this many to work with, add more if you have it.
STEP TWO: Stick the fruit bowl in the oven and cook on 350 degrees until the water becomes dark, syrupy and smells super fruity. The longer you cook it and the more fruit you add the thicker and sweeter the juice will be for your Popsicles! If you like yours to be super unreal sweet then add some rice syrup or honey to the bowl, but the fruit is sweet enough for me.STEP THREE: Pour the liquid (and berries if ya like it chunky) into your Popsicle mold and stick it in the freezer.
Then eat it!!!! Fast... or it will melt all ova' your hand.



Bort said...

Mmmmm so sweet!

Leslie @ the oko box said...

i am making strawberry next! They make a super good syrup in the oven.