Thursday, June 4, 2009

Da' Tiniest Toad Eva' !!!

Oh My Gawd! I have never in my life seen a froggy this small... ever! It's so micro sized that it makes my eyes water to even look at how flippin' cute it is. At first sight I thought I was looking at a baby cricket jumping under the rocks I was lifting, then I realized it was a jet black baby toad (or frog... or whatever amphibian it may be?) Possibly a decedent to the huge plump toad I found in that area a few days ago.
Just as a note to it's size- my hand it also super small, probably 1/3 to 1/2 the length of whatevs' your hand is. This little hopper was smaller then my pinky fingernail!xoxo

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Susie Collins said...

I am especially loving how your hands look: of the earth.

With the toads and frogs around here, it's hard to tell the diff with the babies. I can usually tell by the feet. Our bufo toads are more apt to have long slender toes at the back feet. This is just my observation between the frogs and toads we have here. I'm sure a frog/toad expert would have no trouble. But for me, it can be very hard to tell with the babies.