Saturday, June 27, 2009

North American Moth (Grey, Black and White)

Anyone know the scientific name of this little fighter pilot? Fantastic markings, big wings, fuzzy helmet head (perfect circle on top) and a good disposition. :)



Gratuitous said...

Moths are tough to identify, with so many variations, but I think it's some type of Underwing, or False Underwing or whatever:

Gratuitous said...

Whoa, fantastic web site for all your local needs:

Susie Collins said...

Is that Toots?

Leslie @ the oko box said...

Wow Gratuitous, thanks for those links- the moth looks most like the first and last pics, the middle one is more brown. Moths have so many rad variations. :)
Hope to be getting quicker internet here soon, and hopefully I can use some field guides online to understand more of the functions of all these creatures.

That is not my baby Toots, but another cat who lives at the house I moved to ... she's all yellow and her name is Lily. She's older, drools when you pet her, rubs her face on any outstretched hand, and is a killer. She kills everything.
Toots is like the Ghandi of cats, she never kills much of anything beyond a few bugs - she watches but kinda lacks Lily's bloodlust.

Susie Collins said...

I thought she looked different and I couldn't remember what side of Toots face was what color. I used to have a drooler, not the most endearing characteristic. I hope Lily is kind to Toots.

Mark said...