Monday, June 15, 2009

Scooter Ride and Gluten Free Cookie

Today I went for a ride on an eco friendly scooter (the battery can be charged up electrically and it gets 100 miles to the gallon!) I felt like I was in some kind of romantic movie where the silly (national lampoon) Americans are touring the European countryside via moped... breeze blowing through your hair, bugs flying in your face, dirt in your eyes, hugging the driver tightly as it speeds up, and waving at every local passing by. Except this was just in my 'hood. These two old buildings at the end of Willow Creek Rd. would be the perfect place to have a thrift store. Right now it's a handcrafted broom studio.
I thought this beautiful tiny car was just my size! It said on the side it was a "midget".
Ya'll, if I wasn't excited enough about the awesome donkey I found yesterday, I found a whole 'nother donkey buddy today! She ran right up to the fence to greet me with her horse friend... I think I am a donkey magnet. It felt very beast master. (Please Gawd, send me my very own donkey.)
This barn and rickety silo are on Big Sandy Mush Rd. - it looks like a tower from a fairy tale. I want to climb to the top and let down my hair, or at least pretend to be prisoner. Oh Rapunzel!
These rocks are on the side of the road on Early's Mountain... it's sedimentary my dear. ;)The local dead reside here....
I ended my scoota' ride with gluten free cookies made with wild grown black raspberries!!! I picked the sweet berries right behind my house and used a Namaste cookie mix. Holy cow they were freaking good... mmmmm.
PS- Scooters (and cookies) are way better then cars. XoXo

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